The Spirit of Mawson - Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013 - 2014

Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Day 7 – Breaking ice

Posted by Robbie - 14 December 2013

Ice - Photographed and developed by Cara. Fujifilm Instax 210

Ice - Photographed and developed by Cara. Fujifilm Instax 210

Today I woke up to the ice. I was dreaming peacefully when a loud crack rang out and jolted me awake. I quickly went to the porthole and tore open the blinds to discover pack ice all around us. I immediately got changed and headed out to the bow of the Shokalskiy where I found it had snowed overnight. Me and John had a quick snowball fight then we both made a penguin out of snow together. At the end of the day the front of it started melting and it began leaning forwards. By 6 o'clock it was lying on its belly, so I pushed it along with my hands as the real penguins do.

Earlier about midday we went out onto the bow. The whole ship standing there, wrapped in thick, warm clothes. We all were waiting for Greg and Eric to come out and teach us about how to identify what kind of ice we're looking at and how thick it is. The ratio is 8:1. After the talk most of us stayed out there looking at the ice we've been ploughing through. It took me a while, but I remembered my iPhone in my pocket. So I leant over the very tip and put my phone out so it looked straight at the bottom of the ship. I started recording and got a fantastic video of us going through a piece of ice. It showed the massive split that turned one chunk of ice into two. It also got the sound of the boat hitting the frozen water.

One of my favourite things about the ice is that because of it the ship has stopped rocking, so I no longer feel like I am in a 4-D movie when I sit in the auditorium. The only downside I think will be sleep. I got less than I wished with the rocking, now I think I will get less due to how the ship makes a loud clang and rocks upwards, it will either wake me up or stop me from sleeping. It might make my filming worse. Uh oh.