The Spirit of Mawson - Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013 - 2014

Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Day 21 – Bad news from Snow Dragon

Posted by Robbie - 28 December 2013


We heard some bad news today. The Chinese ship Snow Dragon can’t get to us on it’s own so we’re going to be here for another couple of days while we wait for L’astrolabe and the Aurora Australis get here. Once all three are here they will be able to work together to cut a path to us.

I myself am not worried but just to find out I asked some of the other passengers what they were thinking. I also chose to do this as practice for what I want to be my future career. When I’m older I’m planning on trying to a job for journalism at The Guardian in England. So this is fantastic preparation for what I hope is to come. I finished interviewing eight people each with interesting answers.

No one onboard is actually scared of our current situation being stuck in the ice. Hopefully everyone will stay that way for the rest of the time. For some of the passengers, this wait is a godsend. Many onboard get quite seasick so being stuck here keeps them fine and sick free. I don’t mind where we are though. I love this ice but I also quite enjoy the rocking of the ocean.

One of the weird things about being stuck here is that it never gets dark - 24 hour daylight. Nearly everyone onboard is getting a bit sleep deprived due to the light keeping them up through the night.  At home I usually go to bed at nine not long after the sun goes down but here I’ve been going to bed about midnight as the sun doesn’t sink. I feel a bit tired at times but I still feel sharp every morning, so I can’t complain.

We got back out on the ice again this afternoon. Today instead of giving us boundaries to muck about in they let us go nearly everywhere and even dotted out a small walking path. Most people went on the short walk, but me, Sean and Kerry began building a massive igloo about 2 metres tall. So far we’ve gotten roughly half way. We built the walls and now we’re moving onto the roof. We hope to get out tomorrow to finish it and then relax in it.

So today was a really cool day even though we didn’t go far.  I think the upcoming days will be very similar.