The Spirit of Mawson - Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013 - 2014

Australasian Antarctic Expedition

AAE Media

Shore based

  • Alvin Stone

    Shore based - Media co-ordination
    Institution: University of New South Wales

    Alvin worked as an editor with Fairfax Community News and then News Local for over a decade before moving across to media communications. As a media communicator he has worked for WWF-Australia as Western Australia Media Manager and as a Senior Consultant with  Primary Communication, a boutique agency specialising in corporate clients in the energy, transport, IT and not-for-profit sectors. Currently, he is the Media and Communications Manager for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science

Leg One

  • Veronika Meduna

    Leg One - Science presenter
    Institution: Radio New Zealand

    Veronika Meduna is a science broadcaster and writer. As a presenter and producer of Radio New Zealand’s weekly Our Changing World programme, she has told hundreds of science stories, as well as writing for several publications, including the New Zealand Listener and New Zealand Geographic.

    Veronika’s documentary about palaeoclimate research in Antarctica won the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union best documentary prize, and her most recent popular science book, Science on Ice (an international edition was released as Secrets of the Ice by Yale University Press), was a finalist in the 2013 Science Book awards. She is now working on her fourth book, which traces humanity’s last great migration to settle the Pacific and, ultimately, New Zealand.

Leg Two

  • Alok Jha

    Leg Two - Media Coverage
    Institution: Guardian Newspaper, London

    Alok Jha is a science correspondent at the Guardian, working in print, online, radio and TV. In addition to writing news and comment, he presents the award-winning Science Weekly podcast, looks after the Guardian’s science website and presents science video films.A physics graduate from Imperial College London, he has been at the Guardian since the launch of the science supplement, Life, in 2003 and has since covered hundreds of stories on everything from space to stem cells, climate science to comedy.He is a presenter on the popular BBC TV programme, Science Club, and has made science documentaries for BBC Radio 4. He has written two popular science books and is working on his third, which will be the cultural and scientific story of water.

  • Laurence Topham

    Leg Two - Media Coverage
    Institution: Guardian Newspaper, London

    Laurence joined the Guardian‘s award-winning multimedia team in 2008, and has gone on to produce a wide range of documentaries in North America, Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. In 2013 he directed Firestorm; an immersive video interactive about a family who were caught in a devastating bushfire in Tasmania.  He has also produced documentaries about the death penalty, the US presidential elections (2008-2012), Hurricane Sandy, the UK riots 2011, the Syrian refugee crisis, Martin Luther King and most recently polar bears under threat from global warming in sub-arctic Canada.

  • Andrew Luck-Baker

    Leg Two - Media Coverage
    Institution: BBC

    Andrew Luck-Baker is a senior producer at the BBC Radio Science Unit in London, making and presenting science broadcasts for BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4.  He is a geology graduate of Oxford University.  Since joining the BBC Radio Science Unit in 1988, Andrew has covered most topics in science, but often has returned to the themes of Antarctica, environmental change, ecology and natural history.  Recent series include ‘Scott’s Legacy’ and ‘The Age We Made’, on the Anthropocene.

    During December, he will mostly be looking through his binoculars for birds and marine mammals, when he is not working with Alok Jha on the weekly BBC World Service broadcasts covering the expedition.