The Spirit of Mawson - Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013 - 2014

Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Day 22 – Ice slides & igloos

Posted by Robbie - 29 December 2013

Today was one of sleeping in. I was asleep until 9:30 depriving me of breakfast. And readers if you were on the ship you would realise how annoying that is. Although I did make it to the briefing on time, there they revealed some very interesting news. If the Aurora Australis and Snow Dragon can’t get to us within the next 48 hours, then we will have to evacuate the ship by helicopter. Which I know is bad for the scientists, but for me it’s pretty good. I’ve never been in a chopper before and I think it’ll be great fun to be in one.

Later we were allowed outside again. This time for the igloo building they gave us the ice saw and shovel to create more cube like blocks. I was working on that for a few hours with Eleanor until lunch.

After lunch I went out again. This time with my common igloo partner, Sean. Yet we didn’t work on the igloo. Instead we worked on the ice slide and how to extend it so it went fast and long. We were toiling away for hours getting it into a long straight slide. Then Nikki went on and thought that it would be better if we made it into a curving slide. It took us another half another hour to change it into that. The end result was fantastic. It went super fast and was pretty good for something made in a few hours by amateurs.

So all in all, with giant fantastic ice slides, the prospect of going in a helicopter and nearly finishing the igloo, today was absolutely fantastic. And I couldn’t have asked for better weather either. It was sunny all day long.